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  • Should not be substituted for medical advice. This information is *general* and you should always consult your personal health care practitioners, including your personal Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist, who understands your unique health characteristics before trying products or the advice of those on the internet, those without credentials, etc.

  • Not all authors hold credentials such as Registered Dietitian, Medical Doctor, Licensed Nutritionist, Doctor of Chiropractic, Pharmacist, or a Psychiatrist. As mentioned, the majority of us are still in school as students. Those with credentials, will place them in their signatures with each post.

  • Authors posting will use evidence-based research and cite when appropriate. They may also use experiential knowledge from personal, professional, and classroom experience.

  • Each author has their own unique background and perspective and their submissions may not always reflect the views of the blog itself or other authors. While creative writing is encouraged, the blog administrators will do their best to uphold the values of patient privacy, evidence-based research and citations, respect, and that they remain as objective as possible. The blog cannot be held responsible for the views, opinions, etc. of each writer and commenter but please contact the administrator if you have any concerns over a post so we can handle it accordingly.

  • As research is new and changing all the time, the authors will do their best to update past posts but we cannot guarantee a time frame. If you see any misinformation, please bring it to our attention immediately so we can rectify the issue.

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