Nutrition 101 Blog Application: Author/Contributor

Updated December 3, 2010 @ 10:52pm

If you are accepted as a contributing author, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to join the blog via (so make sure is able to get through your spam filter or check your spam mail within 2 weeks of applying). If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, we most likely, for whatever reason, have decided that you may not fit as a good candidate for our blog.

Posting Guidelines: Professionalism, Constructive Responses, No use of inappropriate language or poor use of communication (criticizing, veiled insults, etc.).  All posts must include at least 3 peer reviewed articles (unless it is a book or resource review or recipe) cited in APA format (or other comparable citation format). Research must be current and relevant (within the last 10 years).

To apply, you will need to copy and paste the below into a word document ( .doc) and e-mail it to
Please remember that when you save, edit, and e-mail this as an attachment, that you rename it in the following format:
Lastname_Firstname_Nutrition 101 Blog Application.doc

Remember to save any examples of your work that you are sending in the same format:
Lastname_Firstname_Example Work

Application: Copy, Paste, Edit, & E-mail!

Your first and last name including credentials:

E-mail address that you check at least weekly:

Educational and Professional background (including current coursework):

The following questions can be answered as “Yes, I accept these guidelines, policies, etc.” by providing your e-signature at the very bottom (#12).

  1. Will you be able to provide a posting at least once every 3 months (due dates for submissions will be e-mailed regularly and are based on the quarter system)?
  2. By committing to this blog, do you promise to use evidence-based research that is within 10 years of your topic?
  3. Can you ensure us that you will use citations appropriately?
  4. Do you agree to refrain from biases, discrimination and to protect patient privacy?
  5. By committing to this blog, do you promise to remain professional, courteous, non-judgmental, objective, and keep your topics within the scope of nutrition?
  6. Do you promise that the work you are submitting is your own entirely, other than portions that are cited appropriately?
  7. Do you understand that you may be removed from this blog for any reason? We reserve the right to dismiss you if a credible reason, by the administrator’s opinions, if needed.
  8. In order to become an author, you will need to provide an example of your work. You can do so by including it with this application as an attachment. Updated 10/22/2010: The only form of example work I am accepting is an example of a blog post. If you were accepted to be an author to this blog and I asked you to write a blog, what would it be? Using Microsoft Word or Open Office products, write your first blog post (which, if you are accepted, I will ask you to submit on our blog). Remember to include images and references cited. I highly encourage you to read blogs already posted for ideas on how to write your own.
  9. Do you understand that the administrator and editors of this blog may edit your post to make grammatical, spelling, and other writing-related corrections? Editors may also edit sentences to read in a more ‘friendly’ manner to maintain the blog’s integrity (non-judgmental, mostly fact-based, objective) and to avoid potential conflicts or mis-perceptions by the reader?
  10. By submitting this application, you are promising that all the information contained within is true to the best of your knowledge.
  11. You understand that this is a non-paying, voluntary position that allows you to expand your writing skills, increase public awareness about nutrition and health, and that we hope it opens doors to future successes for you?
  12. If you agree to all of these terms, please provide an electronic signature by putting your full name here (first, middle, and last):

You will be notified as soon as possible if you are a good candidate for our blog via e-mail from

Good luck and in health,

Nutrition 101 Blog Administrators

Contact: for further questions, comments, or concerns